Fondazione Bussolera Branca

Brut Pinot Nero Rosato Metodo Classico

Produced using a classic technique, actually the first in Le Fracce’s, our vineyard’s, history, this is a product that is not just meant to be “for conoisseurs.” Thanks to a specific taste testing, it is designed to please everyone and for everyone to appreciate the pronounced character of the grape variety and its “goût de terroir.” A special selection of vine and grape varieties to give life to a “champenoise” that has all the grace and fragrance of a Rosé, the aromatic lightness and ample structure conferred by the use of red grapes, guaranteed by the Pinot Nero.

Pale salmon, fading rose with a light hint that turns to a Cerasuolo, very bright, lively and rich with shiny reflections. Subtle and continuous effervescence.

Very clear, intense, of a lovely fragrance and freshness. Small mixed berries detectable (currant and blueberry), accompanied by floral traces, and a clear hint of citrus that evokes red grapefruit and tangerine, in a very rich combination.


Beginning moderately dry, with a rather sharp flavour and with crisp bubbles: it grows progressively on the palate with a delicious fruity fullness, an accentuated vinosity, a well-calibrated acidity that lends depth and dynamism.

To serve
Given its characteristics, it is a Rosé that not only acts as a unique aperitif, but also pairs well with cold antipasti, sushi, roast beef, grilled fish. It is advised to serve it quite cold 6-8°C, but no colder, in wider glasses rather than the typical flûte.



Grape variety
Pinot Nero 100%. The product originates from vines of 2001 selected based on careful research of French varieties (Champagne region).

0.5 hectares weaving calcareous, clay-rich land, exposed to the North-East, at 300 meters above sea level in San Biagio di Casteggio.

Carried out in total absence of botritycides and synthetic products, with work on the land reduced to the minimum. In the training of new plants, during the planting of the vines, “actinobacteria” were used, natural fungi that protect the young roots from disease. The training system is Guyot, that guarantees the most uniform quality.Yield per hectare: 6000 kilograms of grapes, on an average of 5500 grapevines.

Hand-picked, with meticulous selection of bunches. During the harvest phase, dry ice is used to protect the grapes from oxidation and to avoid the temperature increases.
The destemmed whole grapes are left in a tank for 8 hours at 10°C to obtain a controlled aromatic and chromatic extraction. Next follows the soft pressing by which are selected the “prima cuvée,” actually the first half of the extracted must, the most delicate and fragrant. The fermentation is done at a temperature of 15°, avoiding the complete breakdown of the natural sugars of the grape, that is later needed to attain the foam. The wine is then conserved at a constant temperature of 10°C until the start of the real phase of effervescence.

Effervescence and Ageing
The bottling (tirage) of the base wine with residual natural sugar, adding yeast opportunely for the bubbling, is done in the May following the grape harvest and the bottles obtained are conserved horizontally at 15°C. Reaching the desired maturity of the yeast, after at least 24 months (to achieve complexity, safeguarding all the freshness and the fruitiness), it evolves with the disgorgement. The sugar content is 10 grams per litre to give it greater mellowness and to lessen the pronounced character of red wine.

Kept in a special temperature-controlled storeroom, at the constant temperature of 15°C.

Grands Crus Reds
Bohemi - Red d.o.c.
Cirgà - Red d.o.c.
Pinot Nero - Pinot Nero d.o.c.

Native Reds
Rubiosa - Bonarda d.o.c. vivace
Garboso - Barbera i.g.t.
Moro - Pinot nero i.g.t.
Vintage Whites
Landò - Riesling Renano d.o.c.
Levriere - Pinot Grigio d.o.c.
Dated Sparkling Wines
Bussolera Grand Rosé
Cuvée Bussolera - Extra-Brut Pinot Nero d.o.c.
Peu Moussant - Brut Riesling