Fondazione Bussolera Branca

Cuvèe Bussolera

Extra-Brut Pinot Nero d.o.c.
Pure, exquisite Pinot Nero.

The effervescence with permanence of the yeast of 12 months which confers upon it a persistent effervescence, a refined taste and style. Ideal for moments of joy and celebration, perfect with any dish.

Faded pale/straw-yellow embellished by the constant bubbles.

An unmistakable scent of jasmine, classic scent of russet apple.


Refined, vibrant freshness, lingering finish with tones of almond.

To serve
The suggested serving temperature is 8-10°C. Excellent as an aperitif, it pairs well with fish, fried vegetables, wonderful with every dish.



Grape variety
Pinot Nero 100%. The product is derived from vines from 2001, selected on the basis of careful research of French grape varieties (Champagne region).

2.5 hectares of land woven with chalky, clay-rich soil, facing the east, north-east, between 200 and 300 meters above sea level in Mairano di Casteggio and San Biagio di Casteggio.

Carried out in total absence of botritycides and synthetic products, with work on the land reduced to the minimum. In the training of new plants, during the planting of the vines, “actinobacteria” were used, natural fungi that protect the young roots from disease. The training system is Guyot, that guarantees the most uniform quality. Yield per hectare: 8000 kilograms of grapes, on an average of 5500 grapevines.

Gathered by hand, with meticulous selection of bunches. During the harvest phase, dry ice is used to protect the grapes from oxidation and to prevent an increase in temperature.
From the whole grapes, lightly pressed, the “prima cuvée” is selected, that is, the first half of the extracted must, the most delicate and fragrant. The fermentation is done at a temperature of 15° C and lasts one month. When the fermentation is complete, the wine is conserved at a constant temperature of 10°, until the actual champagnification stage.

The champagnification phase is done in the March following the harvest, in a fermentation tank (pressurised) at 15 ° and lasts one month; the wine then sits on the yeast for another 11 months to confer on it greater complexity. For the longer permanence of the yeast, the Cuvée Bussolera is defined as a "long Charmat."

Carried out with maximum protection against oxygenation to retard the natural ageing process.

Kept in a special temperature-controlled storeroom, at a constant temperature of 15°C.

Grands Crus Reds
Bohemi - Red d.o.c.
Cirgà - Red d.o.c.
Pinot Nero - Pinot Nero d.o.c.

Native Reds
Rubiosa - Bonarda d.o.c. vivace
Garboso - Barbera i.g.t.
Moro - Pinot nero i.g.t.
Vintage Whites
Landò - Riesling Renano d.o.c.
Levriere - Pinot Grigio d.o.c.
Dated Sparkling Wines
Bussolera Grand Rosé
Cuvée Bussolera - Extra-Brut Pinot Nero d.o.c.
Peu Moussant - Brut Riesling