Fondazione Bussolera Branca


Red d.o.c.

An historic wine of the estate, Cirgà is an important red, characterized by the dominant presence of the Croatina; 50% in fact, plus 25% Barbera and 25% Pinot Nero. Product of grapes originating from a single vine, from which it gets its name, is refined for 24 months in stainless steel. A wine of marked spicy - floral bouquet, an assertive taste but with balanced components.

Intense ruby red.

Unique, penetrating, with marked floral notes of viola.


Full, balanced in the extract components, with a long and enjoyable aftertaste, and a bold character.

To serve
The suggested serving temperature is 12-15°C. Pairs well with savoury sauces, roast meat, and cheese .



Grape variety
Croatina 50% - Barbera 25% - Pinot Nero 25%. The product is derived exclusively from the company’s historical vine.

3 hectares of sandy, clay-rich land, facing the east, situated between 150 and 200 meters above sea level in Mairano di Casteggio, on the hill known as Cirgà.

Carried out in total absence of botritycides and synthetic products, with work on the land reduced to the minimum. During the planting of the plants, “actinobacteria” were used, natural fungi that protect the young roots from disease. The training system is Guyot, that guarantees the most uniform quality. Annually, during the month of July, the grapes are green-harvested. Yield per hectare: 6000 kilograms of grapes, on an average of 4500 grapevines .

Hand-picked, with meticulous selection of bunches. During the harvest phase, dry ice is used to protect the grapes from oxidation and to prevent an increase in temperature.
The grapes, collected in different times, are vinified separately. The fermentation with maceration of the hard skins, on average from 7 to 15 days, depending on the vine variety, at a maximum temperature of 28°C.

The three wines are aged separately in steel for the first year. They are then put together and undergo the sosta in stainless steel tanks, kept at 15°C for 2 years.

The wine is bottled with the least possible exposure to oxygen. After a final rigorous quality test, they are put on sale a minimum 6 months after bottling.

Kept in a special air conditioned storeroom, at a constant temperature of 15°C.

Grands Crus Reds
Bohemi - Red d.o.c.
Cirgà - Red d.o.c.
Pinot Nero - Pinot Nero d.o.c.

Native Reds
Rubiosa - Bonarda d.o.c. vivace
Garboso - Barbera i.g.t.
Moro - Pinot nero i.g.t.
Vintage Whites
Landò - Riesling Renano d.o.c.
Levriere - Pinot Grigio d.o.c.
Dated Sparkling Wines
Bussolera Grand Rosé
Cuvée Bussolera - Extra-Brut Pinot Nero d.o.c.
Peu Moussant - Brut Riesling