Fondazione Bussolera Branca

Pinot Nero

Pinot Nero d.o.c.

The epitome of refinement, Le Fracce Pinot Nero was born from only specially selected grapes only capturing the unique essence of the vine. The creation is the most limited of the entire range. Matured in specially blended wood for 18 months and subsequently, in bottle, for at least 6 months. Delicate in its aromas of currant and berries, mellow in its structure, infused with unparalleled emotion, signature of a connoisseur's wine, one of the most loved, the most sought-after, and the noble wines in the world.

Ruby red of medium intensity.

Clear, fruity notes of berries (blueberries, black currants) accompanied by an unmistakable spicy aroma (pepper).


Elegant, refined, mellow, pleasant structure and prolonged aftertaste.

To serve
The suggested serving temperature is 12-15°C. Pairs well with ravioli, game, fresh cheese or mildly aged.



Grape variety
100% Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero). The production is derived from the vine varieties of the 90s.

2 hectares of pebbly terrain optimally rich in limestone, at 300 meters above sea level, in San Biagio di Casteggio. The plant was raised in the soil deliberately left to rest for some years in order to allow a natural balancing of the organic components.

Carried out in total absence of botritycides and synthetic products, with work on the land reduced to the minimum. During the planting of the plants, “actinobacteria” were used, natural fungi that protect the young roots from disease. The training system is Guyot, that guarantees the most uniform quality. Annually, during July, the grapes are green-harvested. Yield per hectare: 5000 kilograms of grapes, on an average of 5000 grapevines.

Hand-picked, with meticulous selection of bunches. During the harvest phase, dry ice is used to protect the grapes from oxidation and to prevent an increase in temperature.
The bunches are just destemmed for the minimal possible damage to the grape, as this could immediately reduce the aromatic potential. Subsequently the gently pressed grapes stand for 2 days at 15°C before proceeding to be macerated with light racking for 8 days at no higher than 25°C.

When malolactic fermentation occurs, the wine is refined for 18 months in "panachè" oak barrels (assembled of French oak wood from 3 different forests, aged 36 months in the open air). Then stands in steel tanks for 6 months.

The wine is bottled with the least possible exposure to oxygen. After a final rigorous quality test, they are put on sale a minimum of 12 months after bottling.

Kept in a special air conditioned storeroom, at a constant temperature of 15°C.

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