Pride of Lombardy

Le Fracce

With a history based on art of craft and tenacity, Le Fracce represents, through its wines, the classicism of a territory and the contemporaneity of the man that today creates them: we love to say Pride of Lombardy.

In 1999 the winemaker Roberto Gerbino took over the helm of the winery beginning a new course in the history of Le Fracce.
Thanks to him, the activity of promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the viticultural field carried out by the Bussolera-Branca Foundation, owner of the Estate, finds a real field of application: Roberto implements in the vineyards and in the cellar the results of the scientific researches that the Foundation has financed over the years – from the use of mushrooms as natural protectors of the cuttings to the induction of resistance to drought – by giving wines a definition of great quality.
Roberto also concentrates his energies on enhancing a vine that is part of the tradition of the area: Pinot Noir. In 2003 two labels dedicated to this noble red wine were born: il “Riserva” and il “Moro”.

In 2015 a new chapter of the estate: Roberto, together with his friend Giorgio Visconti, took over the direct management of the winery, putting himself at stake.
A choice of belonging and courage thanks to which Roberto succeeded in transmitting the philosophy of the Foundation and his vision in wines: excellence, personality, precision, territoriality.

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Today the wines of Le Fracce fully represent the ideals of the founder and Roberto’s ideas:

  • promote environmentally friendly viticulture, preserving the health of the land, to be left as a heritage for future generations;
  • develop and preserve biological diversity, favouring natural resources;
  • enhance the local vines;
  • to encourage experimentation in order to improve quality in wine production and favour new creations.

The labels representing the winery today are 14: from the Pinot Noir-based Sparkling Wines to the Whites based on Riesling Renano, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Bianco, as well as to the historical blending Bohemi and Cirgà, through the Pinot Noirs till the indigenous Bonarda and Barbera.
A mosaic of wines that perfectly reflects the history, effervescence and dynamism of Le Fracce.

Wines Le Fracce


Cuvée Brut

Fernando Bussolera Special Cuvée Brut Pinot Nero Metodo Classico Brut Pinot Nero Elegance of taste and refinement of style: when complexity, maturity and freshness come together, giving life to a harmonious whole of all components.Pale bright lemon with persistent...

Peu Moussant

Peu Moussant Brut Riesling Vino Spumante Brut Riesling Cheerful, attractive and luminous Charmat sparkling wine. Bubbles of great sapidity and verve with a prestigious and elegant look that can seduce the most glamorous consumer and the most sought-after tables.Pale...



Landò Riesling Oltrepò Pavese DOC Riesling This is a classy white wine, with an elegant, aromatic bouquet and a gorgeous mineral taste, which highlights the vocation of our land for the production of long-life white wines.Deep bright lemon.Very strong and intense...


Agathòs Pinot Bianco IGT From a very limited production with differentiated aging in wood and steel. It highlights the territory's ability to give a personal accent to the Pinot Bianco grape variety.Deep bright lemon.Very complex, with ripe fruit, yellow peach and...


Levriere Pinot Grigio Oltrepò Pavese DOC Pinot Grigio "Levriere" is a perfect witness of the territory's ability to offer an original style to the Pinot Grigio grape variety, giving it a particular gentleness in the aromatic profile.Bright pale lemon.Fine, intense and...


Flamant Syrah IGT Rosé Snappy rosé wine that with its delicate color reminds the flamingos that animate our park.Soft pink.Very fine persistent citrus note.Hints of yellow fruit (peach, apricot) enclosed in a vibrant freshness.5 °CIt goes well with croaker fish...



Rubiosa Bonarda Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC Frizzante Made from Croatina grapes, following a methodical and refined process. Lively, exuberant, outspoken, this Bonarda represents the local tradition and enhances the flavours of the tastiest cuisine. It is the...


Garboso Barbera Oltrepò Pavese Barbera DOC Garboso is 100% Barbera, with a gentle structure and recognizable fleshiness. Funny in its bright ruby tone, attractive in the sharpness of the aromas, with a surprising ability to tell a story about the territory.Intense...


Moro Pinot Nero Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC A streamlined and seductive interpretation of Pinot Nero, where the shine of colour, the aromatic clarity and the velvety sensation of tannins stand out.Bright red ruby.Fruity note of small berries, blueberry and...



Cirgà Oltrepò Pavese Rosso DOC Historical wine of the estate since 1986 - together with Bohemi - Cirgà is an important Red, characterized by the dominant presence of Croatina. Produced from grapes coming from a single vineyard that stretches on the hill nicknamed...

Pinot Nero

Pinot Nero Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC Riserva From highly selected grapes, grasping the unique essence of the vine, this pure expression of elegance sees the lights. Our Reserve of Pinot Noir is the most limited production in the entire range.Delicate and...


Bohemi Casteggio Riserva - DOC Historical wine of the estate since 1986 - together with Cirgà - Bohemi is an important Red, a true pride of the winery, marked by the dominant presence of Barbera. Produced from a selection of grapes from historical vineyards, it is...