Wine growing area of excellence in Lombardy

Mairano di Casteggio – Oltrepò Pavese

Le Fracce is located in Mairano di Casteggio, in the western area of the Oltrepò Pavese, a wine-growing area of excellence in Lombardy: a territory that extends in the shape of a triangle between Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia.

The landscape of this strip of land is surprising: an alternation of vineyards and woods, sometimes slightly undulating and relaxing and suddenly steep and tormented.

It is a continuous succession of hills dominated by important castles that celebrate the ancient history of the territory.

The historical wine of this piece of land is Bonarda, from Croatina grapes.

Over the centuries, however, a series of vines have been integrated and are now part of the local tradition.

Above all Pinot Noir, which began to be grown from the mid-1800s, representing today the most important production area at national level and among the first in the world.

It is also the area of excellence for Riesling grape, where the soils are more marny, and for Sparkling Wine from Traditional Method.