Bussolera Grand Rosé Brut Pinot Nero

Metodo Classico Brut Pinot Nero Rosato

A special selection of vineyards and grapes has been done to give life to a “Champenoise” that has all the grace and fragrance of a Pinot Noir Rosé.
It is the first Traditional Method in the history of Le Fracce, aiming to please everyone and to be appreciated for its marked varietal character.


Brilliant salmon, with a slight hint that turns towards pink, full of bright reflections. Persistent and fine perlage.


Clear, intense, with a beautiful fragrance and freshness. Small berries in evidence, currants and blueberries, accompanied by floral hints and a clear citrus vein that recalls pink grapefruit and mandarin, in a very juicy smell.


In the mouth, moderately dry attack, with a savory taste and crunchy bubbles: it progressively widens on the palate with a good fruitfulness, an accentuated vinosity and a well balanced acidity that gives depth and dynamism.


6-8 °C.
It is recommended to serve it very cold but never frozen, preferably in larger glasses than the typical flûte.

Food matching

In addition to serving as an original aperitif, it goes well with cold appetizers, sushi, roast beef, grilled fish.


100% Pinot Noir, careful selection of French clones from the Champagne region, vineyards planted in 2001.


0.5 hectares of limestone-clay texture facing north-east, 300 meters above sea level in San Biagio di Casteggio.

Vineyard Management

Treatments in the vineyard are limited to the minimum, without the use of antibotritics and synthetic products. The pruning system used is the Guyot for greater quality uniformity. Annual meticulous pruning to exclude the less uniform bunches before the ripening of grapes in July. The rigorous choice of the winery is to obtain a great quality, choosing to produce roughly a bottle per plant (the yield per hectare is only 60q of grapes – against the 100q required by the DOC regulation – for about 5,500 plants).


Conducting directly in the vineyards and in the cellars the research funded by the Bussolera-Branca Foundation, which aims to enhance the agricultural and viticultural heritage of Pavia, we carry out the cultivation of the vineyards with eco-sustainable criteria. Thanks to the results of some of these researches, in the preparation of the new plants, during the planting of the seedlings, “attinomiceti” – natural fungi that protect the young roots from the pathologies – have been used, favoring a healthy and ecological growth.


The bunches are harvested by hand at different times depending on ripeness and performing a strict selection to eliminate any imperfection. The immediate addition of dry ice allows us to preserve perfumes and avoid oxidation risks, so as to vinify only high-quality grapes.

Wine Making

The destemmed grapes are placed in stainless steel tanks for 8 hours at 10 °C to obtain a modulated aromatic and chromatic extraction. Then follows a soft pressing from which the “first cuvée” is selected, that is the first half of the extracted must, the most delicate and fragrant one. Fermentation takes place at a temperature of 15 °C, avoiding the complete exhaustion of the natural sugars of the grapes, which will then be used for the second fermentation in the bottle, also called tirage, which takes place exclusively with these natural sugars. The wine is then stored at a temperature of 10 °C until the start of the Sparkling Making phase.

Sparkling Making e Ageing

The tirage of the base wine with natural sugar and added yeasts is carried out in May following the harvest and the bottles are then kept in a horizontal position at 15 °C.
To get complexity, preserving freshness and fruitiness, the wine remains on the lees for at least 48 months, after which the disgorgement proceeds (dégorgement).
The dosage of sugars is 10 g/l to give greater smoothness to the taste and to soften the marked red wine character.

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